Sheila Simon Fundraiser (Troy)

09/19/2010 - 2:00pm
09/19/2010 - 3:30pm

Grand Opening -- Bagwell for Congress Campaign HQ

09/01/2010 - 10:00am
09/01/2010 - 9:00pm

Tri-Cities Labor Day Parade

09/06/2010 - 10:00am
09/06/2010 - 11:00am

Training: 'Political Campaigning' (Collinsville)

12/05/2009 - 10:00am
12/05/2009 - 3:00pm

The Democratic Canididate in IL-19

Tim Bagwell has begun his petition drive to run against Shimkus in 2010. He has already gathered petitions and distributed them to committeemen/women in Shelby, Madison and Sangamon Counties.

Lisa Madigan Reception (O'Fallon)

03/26/2009 - 4:00pm

Steelworkers March To Put America Back To Work (Granite City)

02/10/2009 - 11:00am

Public Hearing on HB 311 ('Health Care for All') with State Rep. Mary Flowers (Granite City)

10/23/2008 - 7:00pm
10/23/2008 - 10:00pm

A Fundraiser for Daniel Davis (IL-19)

Pam Gronemeyer and Stepen Kreigh along with all of the other members of the Downstate Democrats for Change invite you to a house party in honor of Daniel Davis, Democratic candidate for the 19th Illinois Congressional District.

Fundraiser for Daniel Davis, Democratic Candidate for Congress, IL-19 (Collinsville)

08/01/2008 - 7:00pm
08/01/2008 - 10:00pm
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